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1.Warrant based on probable cause is necessary to obtain DNA sample; capital conviction affirmed.
State v. Derrick Todd Lee, 05-KA-2098 (La. 1/16/08) [68 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Defendant appeals his conviction of murder and sentence of death. Because the defendant's appeal involves the res nova issue of the warrantl... view full summary
2.Request for counsel revoked by defendant; capital conviction affirmed.
State v. Jesse Jay Montejo, 06-KA-1807 (La. 1/16/08) [35 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Defendant Montejo was convicted in the burglary-murder of Lewis Ferrari. Police interrogated Montejo on videotape for 7 hours on September 6... view full summary
3.Defendant may not apply for suspension of sentence after it is executory.
State v. Willis Thomas, 07-KP-0634 (La. 1/11/08) [4 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Defendant Willis Thomas pled guilty to second degree murder on November 3, 1975, and was sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labor. At th... view full summary

4.On rehearing: Dismissal of DOTD does not require reallocation of fault.
Hebert v. Rapides Parish Police Jury, 06-C-2001 (La. 4/11/07) (on rehearing) [10 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Plaintiffs the Heberts brought a wrongful death and survival action against the State through DOTD and the Rapides Parish Police Jury ("RPPJ... view full summary

5.MMA cap on total damages does not reduce every defendant's liability.
Nora Miller v. Lammico, 07-C-1352 (La. 1/16/08) [30 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Plaintiff Nora Miller sued defendant Dr. Biddle in medical malpractice after she became massively infected following the birth of her child.... view full summary

6.Family courts have exclusive jurisdiction of dating violence cases.
Welborn v. 19th Judicial District Court, 07-C-1087 c/w 07-C-1202 (La. 1/16/08) [18 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Plaintiff Doug Welborn is the Clerk of Court of the 19th Judicial District Court. Pursuant to his statutory duties, the clerk was randomly a... view full summary

7."Further processing" exception to sales and use taxes construed.
International Paper v. Bridges 07-C-1151 (La. 1/16/08]
From LSCR Volume 16, Issue 1
          Plaintiff International Paper ("IP"), a paper manufacturer, applied to the Department of Revenue ("DOR") for a refund of sales and use taxes... view full summary