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1.Defendant's abandonment of paper bag on front porch negated his expectation of privacy as to bag's contents; alternatively, exigent circumstances warranted seizure and search of the bag.
State v. Darryl Summers, 2015-KK-1363 (La. 07/29/15) [10 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 23, Issue 8

          While conducting surveillance at an intersection in Orleans Parish, a narcotics officer observed two men on either side of the street.... view full summary
2.Double Jeopardy Clause prohibited conviction for possession of stolen firearm where defendant also was convicted of armed robbery involving theft of same firearm.
State v. Jason M. Roe, 2014-KO-2322 (La. 08/28/15) [3 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 23, Issue 8

          An armed robbery occurred in which a victim was robbed of his car, shirt, and pants at gunpoint while attempting to purchase marijuana... view full summary