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1.Survivor benefits under pension plan are not community property; overruling controlling precedent.
Louisiana State Employees v. McWilliams, 06-C-2191 c/w 06-C-2204 [La. 12/7/07]
From LSCR Volume 15, Issue 12
          This concursus proceeding was initiated by the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System ("LASERS"). In 1972, during the existence of the ... view full summary
2.Repeated violations of custody decree constitute a "change in circumstances."
Cook v. Cook, 07-CJ-2091(La. 12/14/07) [6 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 15, Issue 12
          Christi and Porter Cook were married in 1987, and had four children. In 2001, the couple separated. Following the separation, Christi entere... view full summary

3.Habitual offender still eligible for parole.
State v. Davis, 07-KO-1208 (La. 12/14/07) [1 p.]
From LSCR Volume 15, Issue 12
          Writ of certiorari granted in part. The district court sought to conform defendant's sentence to the requirements of La.R.S. Section 15:529.... view full summary