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1.Stipulations pour autrui construed; distinguishing prior precedent.
Dr. Willie John Joseph v. Hospital Service District No. 2, 05-C-2364 (La. 10/17/06) [15 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          Plaintiffs St. Mary Anesthesia Associates, Inc. (SMAA), and two employees/shareholders of SMAA, Drs. Joseph and Brumfield, filed suit to rec... view full summary

2.Failure to inform patient of material risk was not malpractice.
Sonja Jackson v. State of Louisiana, 05-C-2021 (La. 9/29/06) [4 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          Plaintiff filed suit against the State of Louisiana and E. A. Conway Medical Center for damages after a scheduled surgery, to remove a uteri... view full summary
3.LeBreton case is retroactive; exception of prescription granted.
Delbert W. Bush v. National Health Care of Leesville, 05-C-2477 (La. 10/17/06]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          Plaintiffs filed this suit on behalf of their minor son, Daniel, to recover damages for medical malpractice arising out of treatment that wa... view full summary
4.Malpractice jury verdict for defense affirmed.
Yata Jackson v. Tulane Medical Center Hospital, 05-C-1594 (La. 10/17/06) [18 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          Plaintiff Jackson was referred by her treating obstetrician to Tulane Medical Center Hospital for evaluation of her pre-eclampsia. A second-... view full summary

5.Allegations should not be "deemed admitted" because attorney's response is untimely.
In Re: Willard James Brown, Sr., 06-B-0895 (La. 10/17/05]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          The Office of Disciplinary Counsel ("ODC") filed one count of formal charges against respondent Brown, alleging that he neglected a client's... view full summary

6.Employer/tortfeasor's self-insurance program is not a collateral source; prior medical payments to plaintiff must be credited to tortfeasor.
Charles Albert v. Farm Bureau Ins. Co., 05-C-2496 (La. 10/17/06]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          Plaintiffs Charles Albert and his wife filed this suit to recover damages for personal injuries that Deputy Albert suffered while taking a s... view full summary

7.Peremptive period for challenging revenue bonds construed.
Denham Springs Econ. Dev. Dist. v. All Taxpayers, 05-C-2274 (La. 10/17/06) [35 pp.]
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          [Note: This case deals with the procedural issues of revenue bonds, and not with the merits of the development project itself.] Plaintiff th... view full summary

8.Post-conviction application properly dismissed without hearing.
State v. Alan B. James, 05KP2512 (La. 9/29/06) []
From LSCR Volume 14, Issue 10
          In this post-conviction application for relief, defendant raised the issue of ineffective assistance of counsel, alleging that his counsel r... view full summary